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I have had a very busy year working on several big projects including various David Bowie related enterprises as well as the recent ‘Wild Mutation’ exhibition back in July and I will be adding some of these new artworks as well as more than a few iconic images from back in the day to the store as fine art prints, teeshirts, stickers, posters, badges, sculptures and any other great new products I can think of… watch this space.

“Press your space face close to mine”

I am very conscious that many people who would love to own one of my Bowie masks have up to now, not been able to due to rarity issues and the high prices caused by the time consuming process involved in creating each mask from scratch…..well that is all about to change with the introduction of the Bowie ‘plastic soul’ moulded mask.

After consultation with a plastics factory we have come up with a solution to the price problem and are now able to produce almost exact plastic replicas of the original masks at a lower cost and in a fraction of the time. Spray finished with a coating of Montana silver chrome paint and lined with plaster reinforcement for strength, the masks look great and almost indistinguishable from the now super-rare and super sold-out ‘Silver Duke’ masks I produced for the V&A David Bowie Is exhibition….but at a non museum price.

Check them out in the ‘contemporary collectable art products’ section.

Modern Classics

I get so many requests for classic images from the days of Trade and Heaven that we decided to include more than a few of these alongside selected new works to kick off our ‘launch’ and there are so many more to come from the TradeMark archive as we expand the TRASH D N A range.

So keep a sharp eye out here for exciting future developments.

Your suggestions

What favourite image of mine would you like to see featured on future products?…and for that matter, what products would you like to see the images featured on?

Why not send me your suggestions and feedback?

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