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'Lazarus first night'

I had an amazing night last night at the Lazarus opening courtesy of Sony Music/RCA and got to chat with some Bowie insiders from Warners, Sony/ RCA and David Bowie Official website at the lavish after-party in the beautiful German Gymnasium restaurant at King's Cross. The stars were out for Bowie... faces I spotted in the incredibly star-studded audience included ..Gary Kemp, Jude Law, Bob Geldof, Nick Rhodes, Bill Nighy, Terrence Stamp (a nice touch given his tv screen cameo in TMWFTE), Alan Yentob, Andrew Marr and Dylan Jones amongst others, all of whom gave the play a standing ovation. Read my short review of the musical on my FaceBook page and tune in here tomorrow for a chance to win some Lazarus souvenirs.

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"we're happy, hope you're happy too"

Big thanks to everyone for all the great comments, views, orders and shares on the launch of the Trash DNA store and apologies to anyone who missed out on the sold out I said, they really were the last remaining few so congratulations to anyone who managed to get one ....and to anyone who didn't find what they wanted ...keep a look out on here, we will be adding new products regularly....or better still, let us know what you'd like to see in the store.

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Welcome to the TRASH DNA blog where I will keep you up to date on what’s new and what’s happening in the store as well as letting you know about upcoming special offers, competitions, exhibitions and lots more interesting stuff. I have had a very busy year working on several big projects including various David Bowie related enterprises as well as the recent ‘Wild Mutation’ exhibition back in July and I will be adding some of these new artworks as well as more than a few iconic images from back in the day to the store as fine art prints, teeshirts, stickers, posters, badges, sculptures and any other great new products I can think of… watch this space. “Press your...

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